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Ogilvy NY

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75th Anniversary

To celebrate IKEA's 75th Anniversary, IKEA's AOR Ogilvy New York launched a 5-day pop-up event in New York and Chicago, where they brought 4 featured rooms from their new 2019 catalog to life! Event attendees were invited to go on a scavenger hunt for 75 trivia tags that were hidden among the furniture in the 4 IKEA rooms. By simply logging on to the IKEA Trivia game web app url, attendees could scan the trivia tags and enjoy answering trivia questions. Anyone who answered all 75 trivia questions correctly was entered into a sweepstakes for a chance to win a room makeover by IKEA!


Creative approach

In addition to creating a fun trivia game experience, we also wanted to help celebrate IKEA’s 75-year history! We illustrated over 30 iconic pieces of IKEA’s classic furniture, characterizing them and placing them throughout the trivia game experience. For this trivia-centric experience, we keep the UX streamlined and UI design minimal to ensure event attendees enjoy the game instead of figuring out how to use the app.


Technical approach

While we had initially hoped to use augmented reality via the web-based technology AR.js, the library was just not stable enough to handle 75 repetitive scanning sessions by each user. We settled on using QR Code technology instead, which was much faster and more reliable, and proved extremely effective for a scavenger hunt trivia experience.

The IKEATrivia.com web app was built entirely for the web.  It is lightweight, fast, secure, and compatible with most modern mobile browsers.



The five day even was extremely successful. Here are some stats to share:

Total User Engagements: 3,500
Average Time Spent: 22 m 27s
Total Meatballs Consumed: 25,200


User Research
Game Logic Design
IA / UX Design
UI Design
Web App Development
Event Logistic (Trivia Game Portion)