Craft Your Perfect Bourbon

Buffalo Trace Distillery

Launch Site


It all began...

In 2014... Our fridge was fully stocked with beer and so were our bellies! Suddenly, in an attempt to cut calories and to get buzzed a bit faster we upped our proof to 90. We had an idea to create an educational app that would pair whiskey enthusiasts with the best bottle for their pallet. Bajibot approached Buffalo Trace Distillery with "Craft Your Perfect Bourbon" shortly thereafter.


Technical approach

Our CGI team was tasked with communicating the process of making whiskey in a visually engaging fashion. We started with a web application. With it's success it grew into a native mobile platform for B2B sales and direct to consumer downloads.


Live kiosk at the distillery

From there Buffalo Trace requested it be transformed into a Kiosk for event activation and tourism initiatives that launched in 2017.



Increasing demand for Buffalo Trace's whiskey was not the purpose of this project. After all, it takes years to age whiskey and the brand doesn't have a problem with demand. The app we created helped the brand gain insight into what type of bourbon the people wanted. After hundreds of thousands of user sessions, a special "People's Choice" select was created and is currently aging in a warehouse at the distillery.


User Research
Product Strategy
Ideation & Prototyping
UX, Motion & Design
Unity, iOS & HTML5 Development
Usability Testing